For our trade customers…

For a $35 delivery fee, any non-wire emergency order that is pick-up truck size or less, will be delivered to your jobsite in 90 minutes guaranteed** or we will credit the $35 fee!

Where else are you GUARANTEED a delivery in only 90 minutes! And if it not delivered in 90 minutes, we will REFUND YOU YOUR $35!

Let’s look at the cost if your project manager has to leave the project to go to supply house:

Drive Time To and From The Supply House (~2-3 hours) $30-50 in labor

Loss of productivity $?????

You would be losing anywhere from $60-150 NOT including loss of productivity! By using our 90 minute guaranteed service, you would ONLY PAY $35 AND you would receive it in 90 minutes. Is that worth it to you?

Then call us for that next emergency order!

**Limited to the Greater Cincinnati for details.

Thank You,
Wiseway Supply

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Welcome to Wiseway – Where Know-How Meets Can-Do.
At Wiseway Supply, know-how really does meet can-do. And we prove that by being the most knowledgeable and accommodating distributor of name-brand electrical, plumbing and lighting supplies in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Wiseway is the only professionally managed, family-owned distributor of its kind in the region – serving commercial and residential contractors at 5 convenient locations. For more than 35 years, we’ve been out-servicing the national chains and specialty distributors with our personalized approach and deep product expertise.

Wiseway Supply. Turn to us for expert industry know-how. Count on us for can-do customer service.

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